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The act of verbal flatulance through the lips of a jackass; talking like an asshole

In other words, a complete asshole undeserving of life
Mike: did u hear somthing?
Matt: no, why?
Mike: Hmm, must have been brantley spincter coughing from the other room...
Matt: damn, i can smell the bullshit all the way out here!

Brad tried to play the bass, but could only produce a rather nasty ass sphincter cough

Joe: DUDES!!!!!!!
Mike: what a sphincter cough...

by J-RIZZO November 29, 2007
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to talk like an asshole. to spew out shit no one else wants to hear. usually these stories start out with a long annoying "DUUUUUUUDES". which automatically throws you in to a rage that wants to make you kill the first person that crosses.
Brantley's sphinctercough made matt choke an innocent woman on the street. which finally ended with a .50 cal to the head to stop the giant.
by Michael Detwiler March 08, 2008
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