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1. The regrettable offspring of anyone who defies natural selection and somehow lives long enough to continue their lineage.

2. Any baby, kid or teenager that loiter and cause a nuisance in an otherwise civilized place, such as making noise at a cinema, infesting the centre of towns or congregating around bright flashy lights and loud noises such as the scene of a minor road accident outside your home around 10pm in the evening because in their own mind it is cool to be seen there, probably because they are too young and cant afford the bus fares to go see the flashy lights and loud sounds at a proper night club.
Man, did you hear that baby when we went to see District 9 last night?, those parents need to know when to leave their sperm vermin at home.

You saw all those kids hanging around that car accident last night?, guess those sperm vermin don't have anything better to do with their lives.
by obviously middle class September 15, 2009
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