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also written 'spergery, with an apostrophe

1. a. describes something having to do with Asperger syndrome, or extremely nerdy, obsessive, or social-skill-lacking behavior.

2. n Asperger's like behavior or atmosphere. Describes an activity nobody with a life/social skills would or should attempt. Examples include spending hours with spreadsheets figuring out the inner workings of an online game, or trying to get Linux to work. Not being able to take a joke about Linux would certainly fall under this term.
"Funny how the whole EV thing is almost unmentioned in the game itself and it took internet 'spergery to figure out how the leveling system really worked." From a Warhammer 40,000 forum

β€œFoobar requires so much spergery that even I could only stand to use it for like a day.” (describing a highly customizable music player)

on religion: "Higher IQ people with 'spergery tendencies don't care about this, because they have no need to connect with any community."
by gunbladezero May 15, 2010
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