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A term common to Scientology jargon, and used famously by Tom Cruise in an interview to describe the apathy of people unwilling to commit to said doctrine - which he views as synonymous with helping the world.

Somewhat ironically, following the sentence in which Cruise uses the term - which is not in any formal dictionary, and could easily be supplanted by the use of a word such as "spectating" - he proceeds to discuss the responsibility Scientologists have "to educate."
"That thing is uh...I've cancelled that in my...area. It's like, 'man, you're either in or you're out'. That spectatorism. And it's something that is...that we have no time for right now." - Tom Cruise on spectatorism

"I'd like to take a vacation...but, uh...I can't because...I know." - Tom Cruise on Scientology
by The Thought-Fox February 22, 2008
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