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1.A person or thing that is completely and totally insane.

2.An awesome and totally cool muffin.
That kid just bit his dog, what a spazmuffin!!

Dude 1:That muffin is chocolate!
Dude 2:Now that's a spazmuffin!
by Kurt the pimp May 04, 2005
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A crazed annoying retarded person who has spaz like qualities.
Ian the stalker of the grade was a complete spaz-muffin today.
by Noelleybellyboo March 27, 2007
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a fairly endearing term, meant for someone who says or does something silly, or simply went you want to call someone something without being too harsh. I think i may have heard it used in "friends" by pheobe.
Kathryn has spilt her vodka.
"Jesus Kathryn you're such a spaz muffin"
by moosemily September 13, 2006
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