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n. Used to describe an instance in which something is so awesome you spaz-out and orgasm at the same time.

v. The act of having a spaz-gasm.
"I swear when I got my laptop for Christmas I had a spaz-gasm all over the house."

"I nearly spaz-gasmed when Jacob took off his shirt in 'New Moon.'"

"Every time I look in the mirror I want to spaz-gasm because I look so good!"
by Hasotweb December 07, 2009
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n. A term used to call the phenomena of spazzing out and an orgasm combined.

This is a very common phenomenon among fangirls and fanboys whenever they see, hear or sense the object of their obsession.

A spazgasm is very similar to spazzing out but is caused due to fan-related stimuli.

The symptoms of a spazgasm are hyperventilation, screaming, flailing, twitching, jumping. Most of the symptoms of hysteria, actually. And is always followed by a feeling like you're about to faint.

In other words, it's completely normal and okay.
Fanboy: Dude! That show was so off the f*cking chain!!!

Fangirl: Absolutely, I think I had a multiple spazgasm after just the light show!
by lightningbaroness January 01, 2010
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1. To have a sudden burst of emotion.
2. Another name for independantly triggered orgasms.
" HVDjvsdhvvhsajf SPAZGASM "
by Pez May 14, 2004
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When one has seizure so intense , but so enjoyable that it leads to an orgasm.
Guy 1: How's your girlfriend doing?
Guy 2: She's doing fine, it was a small seizure but one hell of a spazgasm!
by uhn-derground_man March 03, 2010
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