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Spautism (pending inclusion in inclusion in DSM 6) derived from Sport and Autism is a mental illness suffered by many elite sports people who have trouble relating to normal people. This is, often characterised by the sports person's inability to talk or care about anything unrelated to their sport; looking blank and detached in social situations; and exhibiting 'odd' behaviour similar to home schooled children.
It isn't clear whether Spautism is a side-effect of the training and competition required to achieve an 'elite' level of performance, or that some naturally autistic people are better suited to the social isolation and repetition required to achieve that level of performance.
That chick over there is a gymnast
Yeah? Thats hot
But wait until you speak to her, she is severely Spautistic. Thats hard to get past
Oh thats a shame.
by ButtClassy December 03, 2016
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The inability to become interested in or excited by sporting activities. In the same way that sufferers of autism have trouble empathising and relating to other people, spautistic people lack the ability to see why sports are so endlessly fascinating to the rest of humanity, and may suffer social marginalisation as a result. Sufferers of spautism are born with the condition. At present, there is no known cure.
1) Person A: "What team do you support?"
Person B: "No-one: I'm spautistic, OK?"
by chunkstyle April 12, 2008
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