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A specific type of ownage, traditionally announced by the phrase "THIS IS SPARTA!" and immediately followed by a swift kick to the chest. A spartage is ideally performed on the edge of a cliff or a large well, but if you happen to be away from these locations, bear in mind that an effective spartage is one that creates a considerable mess.
Yesterday as I was walking back to my car, I noticed a cop writing something next to it. He said: "You're in a bus zone, I'll have to write a parking ticket." I stared at him and replied: "Parking ticket? THIS IS SPARTA!" and I kicked him in the chest. Taken by surprise, he fell backwards and landed on the street. He had just enough time to say "What the f-" before a bus ran over him and splattered him across the pavement. (bus-assisted spartage)
by r0ji April 18, 2008
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