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A condition where a friend or coworker has nothing better to do and goes on an email forwarding rampage sending you multiple emails containing jokes, photos, nude celebrity shots, porn and other useless information.
"Did you get that spampage from Mooner containing the photos of dead sea creatures?"
by Shawn Thompson February 02, 2005
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Spam pages are accounts on Instagram that post 1083638 times a day. The owners are usually gay and/or a local.

A lot of the time, spam page owners are ran by white people who act/want to be black.

Their posts usually consist of a reaction video with some dumbass title that has nothing to do with the video/post. Some of their captions could include “omg I didn’t sleep at all today sksksksk” or “I hate school sksksksk”

A good percent of spam pages are fans of Nicki Minaj, Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, or a KPop group.
Becky: omg I just ate a salad I should go post it on my spam page

Bethany: omg yes girl
by JayIsReallyGay August 18, 2019
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When something like a word or phrase in a chatroom is getting spammed and it goes on a rampage.
Wow, this chatroom is going on a spampage!
by Wacsnie April 20, 2015
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