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A new form of poetry, that is similar to Haiku, but doesn't have the same 5-7-5 syllabic structure. Spamkus are made up of random sentences generated to foil email spam detectors. They consist of three unrelated phrases and must originate within spam; therefore, they're entirely computer generated poetry.
Morgan: Why do I keep getting spammed by this website?
Chris: It's cuz they're using a spamku. It confuses your anti-spam software.

Sample Spamkus:

I'm so sorry, dread woods.
Women need money editions.
Samuel Pickwick firmly and hurried into tears.

Hi, earth--one entries. Here is Spencer.
Crazy quick sex merest.
Mother of punch was even more.

I'm sure it will come off, leather-leggings dreams.
Steamy hardcore movies derbies.
Skimpin with whom the same time.
by Chris.G January 17, 2011
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