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Packaging that is unnecessary, ridiculous or useless. Such as the film lid on a microwave dinner that does not tear off. Amazon parcel containing a paperclip, but the outer box is the size of a grand piano. Kids toys that require a screwdriver to remove the toy.
Baz, I can't get my bhaji's out of this tub as the lid wont peel off, this spackaging is utter shit
Mummy, I love my new Elsa dolly but this spackaging is stopping me from enjoying her delightful beauty and beguiling song.
Dave, call me an ambulance, I've just slit my wrists trying to get this knife out of this spackaging
June, I can't get this effing cucumber free from this plastic spackaging, all I want is a length of plastic free cucumber
by BikerKim January 03, 2017
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