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(noun). The act of putting one person's backside against another person's backside, to the point where there is connection from anus to anus. The participants then pass gas from one anus to another, effectively creating a bridge between their two bodies.

The practice began in the gay community in the late 1990s before branching out to the mainstream, and has slowly gained popularity among college students.

Positioning for this act is very finicky, and requires both partners to be flexible in their movements. One side of the bridge must lay on their side, one leg flat on the ground, with the other leg raised, while the other partner straddles the leg that is on the ground, arching their back to press their buttocks against their partner's own.
1. I heard Jim and Shameeka totally made a Space Bridge the other night when they were drunk. At least they aren't space docking anymore. That isn't healthy.

2. Timmy's house exploded one evening when the seal from his parents Space Bridge broke, causing them to spontaneously combust.
by Uncle Beard November 01, 2011
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