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A common phrase used to apologize, often over the internet. Completely useless as it contradicts itself. I wouldn't be too impressed if someone said sorry then laughed in my face.
'OMFG n00b u s0o just slowed my computer down by 1.00058374 bytes'
'soz lol'
by freedasss December 03, 2007
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Something that is really sad (hence, soz) but really funny (hence, lol)
"yo bro. ur midget dad fell down the stairs and died... sozlol"
"shit that bitch bit u when u were getting a blowjob... sozlol"
"fuck that car ran over that one legged dog... sozlol!"
"malu and nico fell in the toilet bowl... sozlol"
by MalzNic June 07, 2007
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