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A small-ass town on the east-end of long island, ny. It's populated by mainly Caucasian people with the exception of maybe 20 black people. It has a small school thats a combined jr/sr high school of about 500 kids and everyone knows everyone. You have no secret or personal life because everyone knows your shit. The town has been featured on news 12 log island four times; once for graveyard vandalism, mass destruction of the school's windows, destruction of its external locks as a senior prank, and for the grotesque murder of a cat. The school is known for it's insane obsession with its soccer team as well as ROTC, a combined junior military unit from the two surrounding towns. The only entertaining things to do in this town is party at the local beaches and smoke pot. If you live in Southold, chances are, you smoke or drink, and have no life aside from doing those things.
I hate southold, there's nothing to do...What are we doing tonight?
Going to the bridge to get FUCKED UP, of course.
by Bitchplz February 14, 2008
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A small ass town where the only things to do are smoke weed and go to parties in Gpo or Mattituck. Tuck Hayes us because they ain't us.
Yeah man some southold kids might pull up!
by Soho'17 March 23, 2017
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