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Derived from general term manscaping, this is the process of men grooming and trimming only hair emerging below the belly button. Most oftentimes seen in men under forty (40) who do not engage in manscaping that would jeopardize their Mumford and Sons-style beard and hair. They do, however, desire a trimmed and groomed genital area. This is the opposite of Northern Manscaping, which is most oftentimes seen in men over forty (40) who never engaged in the practice of overall manscaping before but now find themselves requiring extra grooming in the ear, nose, back, chest, neck, and eyebrow areas.
Clean Shaven Man:
"Dude, you are one hairy beast! It must be nice not to have to manscape all the time, right?"

Bearded Man:
"Well, don't jump to conclusions. I do partake in Southern Manscaping. My woman loves the thick bearded look but only on my face." beard mumford hair shave manscape
by EstrogenRock March 15, 2015
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