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1. assistant chef
2. cute red headed nymphomaniac
The soup chef was whispering sweet nothings such as "You make me cum so hard" in the tennis player's ear.
by crispysam March 06, 2005
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-Fictional character in the tv series The L Word.

1. The name of the red-haired assistant chef at the country club where Dana Fairbanks practices for tennis. Dana actually called gave the name.
2. Real name is Lara Perkins, a SOUS Chef and later on became Dana's lover. She became popular on the show with the help of it.
3. When Dana died, the soup chef and Dana's ex Alice had an affair which the latter called masochistic.
4. The soup chef is pretty, but I like Alice for Dana.
Gal1: I was walking by the grocery and I saw the soup chef going out of her car

Gal2: who? you mean Lara Perkins?

Gal1: No, the soup chef.

Gal2: yeah, it's Lara

Gal1: is that her name? I only knew her by the name soup chef ^_^
by aluminum_alloy June 11, 2010
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