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Sopissedticated - Derived from the word 'sophisticated', it is a word which describes an intoxicated person attempting to maintain an air of eloquence and elegance and/or airs and graces but being noticely under the influence of alcohol and so having difficulties or failing to do so. A sopissticated person, might also be merry, giggly, slightly slurred in speech but will maintain good nature. A sopissedticated person will not lower oneself to engaging in alcohol related aggression or lewd behaviour. Sopissticated encompasses all that 'sophistication' implies, but when a person combines this with alcohol or attempts to maintain this manner, despite their obvious intoxication, one can be described as sopissedticated.
After their 7th glass of champers they were acting more sopissedticated than sophisticated.
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by jessiebub May 22, 2017
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