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That moment when a Distinguished Personage, who has spent their entire career being brilliant in their field of expertise, stops contributing to society's body of knowledge, and starts championing nonsense, or worse, using the authority that they have amassed to push their own bullshit opinions on subjects where they emphatically have no right to comment on.

From the Greek sophía, and the Latin pausa, in the same tradition of English that mashes Greek and Latin words together because we're bastards like that.
Professor Higgins has finally come out of his “sabbatical” and hit sophopause, what with his latest book talking about how “illegals” and “fundamentalist Muslims” pose a fundamental danger to British society — which is a funny sort of thing to write when most of your career's been dedicated to the study of the mating habits of slugs and the cataloging of slug genitalia.
by tariqk October 24, 2015
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