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1. Hot, sexy, slutty, alcohilic dancer and a member of the cheerleading team.
2. has a tendency to sleep with the away team.
3. knows how to shake her ass.
4. all girls want to be her, all guys want to fuck her.
5. a DGAFing, spirited member of you cheer squad.
6. doesn't take crap from anyone... BITCH
7. doesn't know how to conrol her alcohol consumption and addicted to energy drinks.
8. occasionally curses and is conseded and bitchy
9. Used to performing in short skirts and small amounts of clothing.
1. OH EM GEE, that girl must be a songleader.
2. Bball player 1: How was your night last night?
Bball player 2: I hooked up with this girl, and mayyyn she was fine
Bball player 1: oh she must have been a songleader.
Bball player 2: chyeah, you know that's the only way i roll.
by Ashley Redenbacker January 26, 2007
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