Unecessary complaining or excuses. Long and drawn out in length, with seemingly no end in sight.
"Don't give me a song and dance. Just do the fucking work, and shut the hell up!"
by D. Gould February 24, 2006
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This expression is used as a way to convey routine, as a song and dance performance is often known as a routine.
Friend: What are you up to today?
Me: The usual song and dance.
by Sol Dan August 3, 2021
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1. Something that stays the same regardless of repetition.
2. (As used in Eminem's song by the same name) Screaming and struggling. In the song, the phrase is repeated many times and is used to refer to the fact that the character who's point of view is being shown has kidnapped many people, and every time there is screaming (the same song) and struggling (and dance).
1. Going on my daily walk, it's the same song and dance.
2. (Lyrics from the song) Same kicking and screaming, Same crying and sobbing, Same song and dance. Same begging and pleading, Same yelling and bleeding, Same song and dance.
by Paco Gumm May 6, 2017
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