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a fanfiction,usually a love between sonic the hedgehog and shadow the
-i love dyingsoul36 fanfiction about sonadow!!

-i know its so sweet and sad and happy.
by frankie or gaby July 11, 2008
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The top gay porn ship for furries. Another term for this is (also Sonadow is originally from Japanese culture, what did you think Sonic was America. Just because he eats chili dogs more that dick ((hence the amazing deep throating seen by the fandom)) doesn’t mean he’s not a popular immigrant. Try to take that from us Mr. Trump) is yaoi. This is often seen in anime (cringe of Sonic X flashbacks) or created by the fandom. Oh what hell the fandom realizes that could be brought on in their head to share. Eh if it could make you horny, why not. Please drift away from all logic to do so.
Hey did you make that sonadow pic just uploaded on Deviantart?
by Mc Real Slimmy November 16, 2017
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