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1. Halo 1337 meaning halo leet, meaning halo elite. A halo elite is a person with no life and wastes their days away in front of a computer screen or TV (on an x-box) pwning n00bs.
Halo 1337's also tend to speak in 1337 language to fellow leets and n00bs to show their pure awesomeness.
2. Someone who will never lose their virginity.
1. Average school guy1: What's with Craig? All he does at lunch times is sit on school computers making sure his skin has no hint of tan like he's allergic to the sun..
Average school guy2: He is a "Halo 1337".
Average school guy2: Say no more.

2. I am the shit coz I pwn n00bs 24/7. Who needs sex when I have a wrist and hand?? (Your average Halo 1337)
by BussoNolan March 21, 2009

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with your fave def

(do people really have nothing better to do than write random definitions about shit on this website???)

Example should include the word "Now available"
by BussoNolan October 10, 2009

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1. A term used to describe an obese, male person whom you know little about apart from the fact that they are fat.

1.1 A random fat guy

2. Somebody resembling Peter Griffin in appearance

3. The mirror...... oooooh no you didn't.
Dude 1: Yo, who was that crazy mofo that threw a chair through that window at KFC because they took too long to bring him his chicken??

Dude 2: Some fat guy.

Dude 1: Shit! I never would have guessed!!

Dude 2: Mm, I believe they are now passing a law that fat people must be kept on a leash whilst in KFC or they must move on to Subway.

Dude 1: So.... got a collar for your GF then?

Dude 2: Now your just getting off topic and trying to lay down extra insults on UrbanDictionary like the rest of the world.

Dude 1: .....My bad man.

Dude 2: Fo Sho.
by BussoNolan October 10, 2009

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