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Solyss is an all around amazing girl shes the best woman you'll ever meet. She hands down has the best personality you will see in a person.

Girls named solyss bring light to everyone they meet, no matter how dark her life personally gets.

Solyss has a hard life, but she always seems to keep her head up. She will always be there for anyone in need and she doesnt think twice about it.

If you find a solyss keep her for the rest of your life. She is not the one you want to lose. Dont cheat on her shes extremely fragile to you when she trusts you. She will never hurt you and you should never hurt her.

She will need extra explanations from time to time but communication isnt a weak point for her, she loves attention and small cute gestures and isnt overly materialistic, but she doesnt mind a big surprise.

If youre a solyss you should always feel sure of yourself. Your fears and anxieties will work themselves out if you listen to those closest to you and keep a level head in adversity.

Solyss is a beautiful girl all around inside and out and anyone lucky enough to find one should cherish her as if she were your last breath.
"Solyss is the reason i wake up in the morning and the reason i can sleep at night."

"I love you Solyss"
by Forever Living In Paradise January 01, 2019
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