1) to do things by yourself ( solo) and on the down low (dolo)
2) A loner
"I'm on my solo dolo shit, just keeepin to myself"
by sweet dik daddy June 4, 2009
Solo = Alone
Dolo = Fraud

Spanish for 'Lonely fraud.'
Kid Cudi: The lonely stoner, Mr. Solo Dolo. He's on the move, can't seem to shake the shade.
by chantoke April 18, 2010
When you do shit by yourself because the world rejects you for your actions, and how you act towards others.
Guy 1: Dude let's hang with your bros.

Guy 2: Nah man, I'm Solo Dolo.
by _MrSoloDolo_ May 16, 2014
Being alone, or going somewhere alone; you're unaccompanied in your traveling. You're a loner.
by DifferentCloth December 31, 2022
A lonely stoner, or someone who smokes by themselves often.
"You smoked that whole sack by yourself?"

"Ya man I'm solo dolo."
by Mr-Solo-Dolo September 14, 2011
Rolling a blunt, and then smoking it my yourself, rather than passing it in rotation.
Yo man, let's go solo dolo on a few blunts and get super stoned.
by Ahhchyea May 17, 2011
"Soaring through paradise, when i'm closing my eyes. I'm.... Mr. Solo Dolo."- Kid CuDi

Adds-"Great man, great song."
by adds24 June 25, 2010