Soleimy is a very loyal person . when you first meet her she really quiet. when you get to know her she the loudest person ever. when shes in a relationship shes commited to that person only . she gets deppressed at times but shes really beautiful inside and out .
by I am the world January 16, 2018
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A well disciplined sikh jain capable of communicating verbally and non-verbally hears and sees thoughts of individuals. The practice of AHIMSA makes the soleimy allahu sailahi strictly no violence or extinction with all evil done in vain with his name in thought of written in signature and signed digitally. jinaist organization & sikhism dharma organization which made by the infamous Kahiem Roel in the past life in sixth century the war with loka with the strategic fragrant scheme that resurrected himself to paradise. Shiekh, Barfield, Matai, & Ba-NE are the relative to the extremes in fortune which Roel is the french baby rock. Gliese 581c is the super earth and controls all universal frame work with its bodily diagrAM.
Soleimy Allahu Sailahi is the universal framework of the universe in the worlds environmental factors.
by Soleimy Allahu Sailahi March 3, 2022
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Roel's interpretation like his flag green for land , black for the people, and yellow for gold with the flags slogan out of many one people. It means being soleimy can only interact with one other individual giving them devoted time and loyalty.
Oliver: Di jinas dem mi sey dem soleimy nuh ratid dem bring fire with wire ya cant beat the jinas dem.

Informa #1: Every time mi si kahiem mi ah go bun di weed enuh

Kahiem: Unu afi learn to finess the work after me give unu directions mon ya si dem bwoy dey weh all a watch me mi get $7 watch with tactical shoes but its not necessary because if i feel im a target i will play lottery numbers and by night if i hit in your city your hostages will be in a zone of danger.

Im not talking about Salami with chicken and pork im talking about soleimy from the golden plated violens of the songs of solomon.
by Jinaist Policies May 28, 2021
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