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solangel, sol meaning sun and angel meaning...well angel. As in sent from above purple winged and all. Usually in the form of a sunflower or ninja or if you're really lucky, you get both.
by beautifu1 February 02, 2010
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A name of a gorgeous and fine girl . She has a way of making boys like her , she’s always getting asked out . She’s chill but don’t get on her bad side . She also has a secret goofy side that only few people know about . She’s loyal af and she’s a real one . She has pretty hair and a low key artist side to her . She dosent care about being popular , and she’s the best friend you’ll ever have . Solangel gives excellent advice and she’s super smart .
Boy 1 - hey bro you saw solangel
Boy 2 - yeah bro she’s fine as hell
Boy 1- your gonna ask her out
Boy 2 - hell yeah

Teacher 1 - My smartest student is solangel
Teacher 2- I agree , I mean look at how high she scores wow .
by S_13_kittycat February 21, 2019
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