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The Italian words- do, re, mi, fa, sol/so, la, ti- that make up the major scale. Commonly used in choirs.

Forgive me, but I must give a little Italian pronunciation lesson here. The correct pronunciation for the Italian vowels are as follows:

a- "ah"
e- "ay"
i- "ee"
o- "oh"
u- "oo"

This system of vowel pronunciation comes from the Latin language. Vowels are also pronounced the same way in many other languages, including Spanish and French.
My choir director was pleased that the new student already knew sol fege.
by parisologyperson May 25, 2008
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A useless method choir directors use for the students to learn the pitches of a piece using Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do before adding the words. It's not as easy as it sounds, because the Do is different in every key.
After just getting a piece of music: "Okay write in your solfege now for 'Ascendit Deus'" Everybody groans because it's a pain in the ass.
by Nicole918 May 08, 2007
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