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An Arabic term perfectly describing a man with a distinctive personality. He is someone humble, calm and hard to read at times due to his shyness. Some may even call him mysterious, but his feelings are deeply engraved that to only his love would reveal it. He is a man who is sensitive yet strong, incredibly intelligent, yet selfless. He cares about others, and is loyal and honest towards those he loves. He is a beautiful man, with soft dark brown eyes, with a smile which is rarely seen, but when it is seen, it is something precious and preserved like the moon -something which can lighten any room in the darkest of moments. He is a person who enjoys time alone, an independent man, who appreciates company as well. You would find him lost in his own world. He is truly beautiful but is modest enough to hide it away from those who can never appreciate it. He is a man of great honour and dignity with a hardworking ambitious persona. He is a man yet to love, but a man who is loved by me.
"That smile is Sohiab"
by Deepinthemountains December 24, 2013
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