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Handshake while drinking. The person's hand, being wet from holding his/her drink, transfers moisture the the hand of the person they are being introduced to. Thus, it is a soggy shake.
I just met Sofia, but she was double fisting so when she put her drink down to shake my hand, it was definitely a soggy shake.
by StephanieLaurenAllen July 06, 2008
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soggy shake is the act of a man shaking his little man, usually a choad, where the smallest possible drop of pee lands on the mans hand. after he zips up he wakes out of the bathroom without washing there hands unknowingly having pee on there hand. you see this person and shake that hand.

when a man shacks it after peeing and accidentally gets pee on himself, his clothing or others

both actions usually occur after a man shakes it to much and is mad gross though you can never know if its water or pee
Ewwwwwwh i think i was just the victim of a soggy shake. mad gross.

haha look that man had one mad soggy shake
by LHVAMADASUCA February 14, 2011
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