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A person who listens to all kinds of rock (classic, indie, metal, ska, folk-ish, etc.), but is not a "rocker". They don't dress like a rocker, nor do they have the rocker attitude. They listen to rock because they like it more than rap, RnB, pop, etc, not because "it's their way of life". =D A soft rocker can't really be labeled as anything else (prep, punk, etc.), because they are just kind... humble. They're just themselves.

Some soft rockers are different, but it isn't through their attitude or style. They pretty much look like everyone else (although, on occasion, they will wear a band tee, but it's to show their love for music, not so they can be labeled punk or emo or any other stupid label, or because people of that particular label wear it). It's through their morals and values.
-Danika And Kara are what I would consider soft rockers- they listen to SOAD, The Doors, Metric, Johnny Cash and Jack Johnson. They both have strict morals on dating and not giving into peer pressure. On occasion, Kara wears her doors t-shirt and Danika wears her studded belt.

-Nikki Mah (from Vj Search 2006) is what I would also consider a soft rocker.
by Cough-up-your-cancerx3 May 22, 2006
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