Not expecting disadvantaged people or minorities to meet the same standard of behaviour or achievement set for most people. It is called "soft bigotry" because it is a more subtle and subconscious form of prejudice.
"I will confront another form of bias: the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Several months ago I visited Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, where African-Americans confronted injustice and white Americans confronted their conscience. In 43 years, we have come so far in opening the doors of our schools. But today we have a challenge of our own. While all can enter our schools, many--too many, are not learning there.

There's a tremendous gap of achievement between rich and poor, white and minority. This, too, leaves a divided society.

And whatever the causes, the effect is discrimination.

My friend Phyllis Hunter (ph), of Houston, Texas, calls reading the new civil right. Equality in our country will remain a distant dream until every child, of every background, learns so that he or she may strive and rise in this world. No child in America should be segregated by low expectations, imprisoned by illiteracy, abandoned to frustration and the darkness of self-doubt."

- George W. Bush, speech before the NAACP (2000).
by Man Moth February 9, 2017
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