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when skin that is in daily contact with one's socks no longer has hair due to constant abrasion.
i no longer have to shave my feet! my socks took all the hair off! this sock erosion thing is great!
-anonymous runner

A: who you callin' a hobbit?
B: well you do look like one.
A: shall i show you my feet?
B: please don't.
A: *takes off shoes* WHAT NOW? NO HAIR. BAM.
B: merely sock erosion, this proves nothing.

to a therapist: i'm feeling callous; i've been wanting to let my hair grow out for some time now but have discovered that my socks are thusly im-pede(ing) on this wish.
therapist: though this is rather humerous, kneed not be worried, patient. your tendoncy to wear socks can be easily refitted. you have a minor sock erosion.
by toine toine December 12, 2012
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