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When you take one the socks off the girl you are banging at the moment and put it in her mouth right before you both finish. Usually used to keep a loud moaner quiet. Puting tape over the mouth to keep sock in afterwards is recommended.
herbert: "Dude! Janet and me threw it all down last night!"
marty: "Yeah right, I didn't hear anything. I know how loud she gets."
herbert: "You think I'm lying, buttmunch? I Sock Gagged her ass! She don't say shit with that slouch sock in her mouth."
marty: "True dat nigga."
by jimmyjackjones April 18, 2009
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When you put socks, preferably dirty ones, into a girl's mouth. Recommended to put tape over the mouth so the victim gets to "savor" the dirty sock and they can't spit it out. Often used in kidnapping and rape.
The chick could taste the feet of her owner when she was sock gagged.
by DinoCoat March 24, 2017
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