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A Soccie is defined as:

1. A person without a soul.

2. A person who enjoys seeing others hurt or fail.

3. A person who steals.

4. A person who sees progress and wealth as inherently evil.

5. A person who leaches the light from life.

6. In other words, a socialist.

7. Hardly, a person at all.

Soccie (pronounced sock-ee) is short for socialist.
Hillary Clinton is such an effin soccie, she gets wet thinking about ganking her fellow humans' hard-earned moolah.

Only a soccie like Rudy Giuliani would try to place all of New York City under complete surveillance.

Michael Moore is such a soccie, it took him several years to find enough soccies like himself to have enough material for Sicko, a movie calling for socialized health care.
by Nyal D. July 18, 2007
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