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actually, nobody makes this in their garage. it's a store bought product (also sold in bulk online) that can go by any name, as the product itself is variable. LAXMI DHOOP - it's a greasy indian temple incense that actually looks like hash. there are other dhoops out there too, but they are all characterized by a floral scent, a greasy black appearance, and a gummy texture that leaves a residue on the fingers of rich stinky flowers. this stuff is made with oils extracted from the flowers (read "TOXIC") and mixed with dung, yes DUNG.
I"M so sick of people trying to put this stuff on my good herb, in my good pipe, and trying to sell it for 20 bucks a gram. please recognize.
maaaaaaaaaaan, this kid at the gorge put some soapium on my bowl of purple and now my sherlock is all assy!!!!
by languid-ge August 03, 2003
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Garage-made opium that tastes just like its name and does little else.
That soapium would be more useful if the pledges cleaned the frat house with it.
by uh huh June 08, 2003
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