This was quoted by the legendary Jackie Chan in his movie "Snake Fist in Eagle's Shadow." In simple terms it means "Come on you fucka let's go right now!"
"So you think you know kung fu, huh?" I said.
Then I snapped his leg and farted in his face while yelling "Hadoken!"
by undispute May 13, 2008
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a riddle or rhyme that addresses who some1 likes
so you think you know:
well i guess u have gotten this far
You are pretty bizarre
all this for the answer to who i like?
I was afraid you might have gone on a hunger strike

so this is the last riddle or rhyme or clue
at least now u know the capital of peru
U have the first letter and with it a guess
congrats on your success

i am tired of all the rhymes
i feel i have done it too many times
so im done and im through
here is the last hint for u.

we share a favorite band: Flogging Molly
by Franz Helio March 20, 2007
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