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s.o. as in step over as in the overused and annoying soccer move in which one steps over the ball to fake out one's opponent. pear as in the pear shape of one's body who's glutius maximus is unproportionately larger than the rest of their body. it is used in just about every conetation.
cool: "omfg your new board is so pear"
disgust: "ewww that is so pear:
love: "omg tom is so fucking pear right now"
hate: "god trev is such an asshole, why the fuck is he being so pear"
fright: "ahhh i was scared shitless, that movie was so pear"
mockery: "haha wtf, brett where's aviaters in the dark, he is so pear"
laughter: "haha chartoff's drama class was so funny today i almost peeed"
shock: "omg i can't believe it, that is so pear"
grief: "i can't believe he got kicked out, that is so pear"
by lil d April 05, 2005
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