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A festive present for your significant other usually given in December.

This is best prepared with the help of others but can be completed by oneself:
Fill a wide mouthed fish bowl half way with semen. When it comes time to share presents be sure to open yours first. Ask her to close her eyes while you retrieve her present. Stand behind your significant other and ask her to open her eyes as you promptly place the fish bowl over her head and shake her like a snow globe while you state in a jolly voice "Enjoy your Snowy Christmas little girl!" Be sure to grab your present before you snap a picture and bolt out the door.

EXTRA Snowy Christmas:

Same concept but with a larger fish bowl filled to the rim.
Man: Hey babe, would you like to have a Snowy Christmas this year?
Woman: It wouldn't be Christmas without one!
Man: Alright, I'll call some guys to help give you one. Maybe even an Extra Snowy Christmas.*snicker*
Woman: ...?
by TainedNymph June 10, 2016
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