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(n.) a word that describes a disorder causing you to stay inside all day because it snowed and it's difficult to travel anywhere outside.

The origins of snowtivation probably date back to circa 2004 in the mountains of North Carolina, possibly in a small town known to attract hippies and snowboarders.

Snowtivation is very difficult to cure because it is so addicting. It's like TV. Also it may or may not have something to do with an incident involving some losers who had nothing better to do than drugs, sexually assaulting people, and playing video and drinking games.
1. Damn Snowdivation had me inside all freaking day! I have cabin fever!

2. Snowtivation is sweeping the nation as the entire North half of the country continues to get hit with this powdery icy substance that falls from the sky.


person 1: This snowtivation won't stop me from being productive today!

person 2: You never know, it's been known to come when you least expect it. You should leave town immediately to avoid being stuck in it.
by KrazyLady123456789 January 31, 2010
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