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1. Two parties looking to beat each other up, or 'knock the snot out of them', whether it be 2 fighters, 2 sports teams, etc.
2. What a woman has once someone sneezes on her chest.
"The Skins and Eagles are both snotknockers tonight - they just came to crush eachother and see how many players they could take down!"

"Achoooo!" "Damn, did you have to sneeze on my tits?!" "Haha, now they're snotknockers!"
by RikkiPG September 19, 2007
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In football, when a player hits another player so hard, that the player who was hit has snot literally knocked out of his nose. More common in the winter when people tend to have colds. Sometimes called a "slobber knocker".
Wide recievers fear going over the middle, because they're afraid they'll get a snot knocker.
by Augie September 07, 2003
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