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A big hairy twat that is usually accompanied by a punchant aroma not to disimilar to that of your average fishmonger and reveals a taste on par with battery acid.
Whilst ensuing an enjoyable, yet crude and rather harsh discussion, one may use the term, "u fucking sneff", or make a crude suggestion to a female in a heckling fashion such as,"get your sneff out (for the lads)!!"
by discodave February 16, 2005
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Permanent loss of smell, loss of the ability to sniff, as in deaf.

This person usually has bad personal hygiene, due to a lack of awareness.
A temporary version is known as the 'sneffles'
Someone who doesn't smell the worst fart ever, esp. if they 'dealt' it.
Lola: "These roses smell delicious."
Bruce: "I don't care, I'm sneff, but they look pretty."

Lola: "My dog's got no nose"
Bruce: "That's no good."

Lola: "Bruce, you sick bastard, did you make that smell?"
Bruce: "No, but I did fart awhile back, is that what you mean?"
by Rupelj May 10, 2010
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