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sn-atc/h gh-os/t

Originating from prison yard slang through North America... referring to the non-solicited taking of a man's anal virginity. Not to be confused with a homosexual act. On the contrary, this is a garish demonstration of male superiority within the pack. By snatching one's proverbial "ghost," the victim is left without a soul and dignity, presumably to be further abused by the general population.
Convict 1: "Ayo mah duke, that bitch ass Jenkins just walked up in General Pop. Muthafucka caught 25 to life for rapin' a lil' girl. I think I'm teach him a lesson, snatch his ghost."

Convict 2: "On da real, that bitch is ready for violation. Snatch that ghost g. Pump him full of hate."
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