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fluff between lady lips -vagina , generated through wearing cotton knickers that are too old.
guy .....wooo whats that i have a piece of fluff in my mouth
girl ...... its just a bit of snatch fluff, like belly button fluff
guy ...... gross
by snatchy guy February 03, 2011
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• The act of a woman passing wind through her hairy axe wound.

• Another term used for "Pussy Fart"

Also see: "Quiff" , "Cooter Tooter" , "Meat Curtain Beef", "Donkey's Eye Socket After Dinner Mint" , "Beaver Whistle", "Twat Barking" , "Bikini Burger Deer Snorting" , "Box Burp", "Front Fanny Beep" , "Poontang Acoustics" , "Birth Cannon Belching" , "Bearded Clam Beat Boxing".
Guy 1: " Dude I was totally going down on this chick last night and out of nowhere she "Snatch Fluffed" right in my face!"

Guy 2: "Man that's nothing. My wife and I fell asleep in the 69 position and she woke me up with an outrageous Front Fanny Beep!"
by PistFumpers December 03, 2011
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