Not the moth lips but the area's of skin found around the vagina.
I gonna kiss your lady lips
My lady lips are all wet
by Johnny Big Balls March 21, 2005
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Someone who has a pair of huge lips. Similar to lips belonging to black people. Derived from how much lipstick gaga wears on those blimps on her face.
John: Why are Tina's lips covered in lipstick?

Danny: She is trying to cover up her lady gaga lips.

John: She looks like fuckin rihanna.
by AngryUnibrow December 29, 2011
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When someone is giving a blowjob and they tuck their teeth behind their lips, making their face look like an old lady with no teeth, gummin' your dick around her mouth.
She's hot, but she gave me the old lady thin lip on my tip.
by Chingthething December 12, 2017
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