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An argument that degenerates into a war of witty retorts, snarky insults, and/or clever flames. The original point of the argument becomes invalid, if there was one. Once it becomes a snarkument it is just a contest of sarcastic comebacks.

These are popular in movies and sitcoms, especially with annoying bitchy characters who aren't actually funny. a lot of people try to emulate it IRL for fun and drama, but fail because they're not actually intelligent enough to pull it off, and then they're all butthurt that their life isn't like their favorite TV show.

When one is a true master of snarkuing, there is much joy to be found in the world. It is one of the highest, most enjoyable and satisfying forms of trolling, particularly when met with an earnest, capable, but oblivious opponent.
Judging my the conversations in my head, I'd win any snarkument I came across.

A clever troll who can lead his unwitting victims into a trap of perfect insults that they may not even understandβ€”he is a master of the snarkument.
by roguerenna March 03, 2011
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