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A multipurpose word, associated with the 'abis' dialect and also originating in the tribal regions of Berkeley and Oakland, CA. The origin of the word began as an SMS text abbreviation for acquiring 'snaqz', slang for Marijuanna at the time and named for the food cravings associated with the drug. Since the spread of the abis dialect, 'snaq' has become as a multipurpose word, used as an insult, an exclamation of sadness or happiness depending on inflection, a censorship word, a greeting, or a term of endearment. Snaq is now used all over the United States, and, just like abis dialect, by smokers and non-smokers alike. Much like 'abis', snaq can optionally be used to replace/add to other words in the sentence, provided that the original meaning of the sentence is still obvious to other tribal members.
Danabis: "Dude you are such a snaq! Stop stealing my all my jelly beans-abis!" (insult)

Kojiabis: "Dude I just bought some snacks!
Jordanabis: "YEE SNAQ YEE" (Exclamation)

Snaqman: "Dude Jordan is such a mothersnaqqer!" (censorship word; tribal members prefer not to swear explicitly)
Kojiabis: "Dude stop being so mad a Jordanabis! He's just a silly snaq abis" (term of endearment)
by thePacmanSnaqman July 25, 2013
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