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(Noun - Person) A snapcase is a person who is easily angered and randomly throws angry fits towards another person or thing.
- Mr. Ullyot is a snapcase.
- Calm down, you're a snapcase!
by Brogan Scott Houston McIntyre February 27, 2007
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Something that is viewed as state-of-the-art and the height of innovation at that moment, but a decade later is deplorable. Snapcase was a band that, in its time, was seen by the hardcore music scene as THE future of music. Now, you'd have to pay someone to listen to their CD.
"That dude Chaucey is pretty cool with those kissing lips tattooed on his neck and his huge piercings, his Iphone 5 and his pants around his ankles."

"Oh, he'll be Snapcase next year. Don't sweat it. Everyone's got those stupid lip kiss tattoos on their neck now."
by GwarbeforeGwar June 01, 2013
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1) n. The worst band ever.
2) n. Unintelligle lyrics and horrible screaming.

see also Hardcore Music
1) You know that hardcore band, Snapcase? They suck. Bad.
2) I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you, that song was Snapcased.
by Flood Fighter July 23, 2004
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