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A person who gets extremely angery (snaps) and makes a large scene. Generally, a person is labelled a snap show only if they are unnecessarily angry over something completely unimportant.
Joe loses his baseball game and throws/ kicks his glove all over the field "Wow, Joe is such a snap show!"
by Whitterski July 26, 2006
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Someone that is a loose cannon or is liable to snap at any moment. Unpredictable at best.
She just flipped off the entire restraunt and maybe even a line cook. What a snap show.
by indigo_child May 31, 2005
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A person that has had a previous history of uncontrolled outbursts of anger. They may scream, yell, and even become physical due to small and insignificant occurances.
Did you see how mad he got after missing that shot? What a snapshow.


All I did was make a simple joke, yet the snapshow had to take it seriously and punch me.
by sunriverssnapshow June 04, 2010
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