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a method of inhaling where one opens his/her mouth lets a cloud of smoke out or simply shows the smoke in his/her mouth then quickly inhales, sucking all the smoke in. This is normally done by lifting the tongue up then opening your mouth and snaping your tongue down while inhaling.

Also known as a ghost
a snap inhale is hot as shit
by valoem November 26, 2005
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Snap inhales are really fun. They look realy cool after takeing a hit from a gnarly peace pipe.

There not that hard after you release all the smoke, Snap your tongue back and suck in the smoke

also known as a ghost, or Clouding
Dude the wampanoag chief snap inhaled and the smoke looked like George Bush.

Lick a girls pussy while snap inhaleing a cloud of smoke into her poon, shell like that.
by goose doer May 15, 2007
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