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An unreliable website that supposedly helps you find a job around your local city. The truth is that if you sign up for snagajob, they only want your membership in order to send you surveys and advertisements and usually when they send you job alerts and you click to apply, you have to agree to sign up for phone calls from schools. Not only that; usually, when you try calling the company that is supposedly hiring that you heard from snagajob, they will tell you that there are no open positions and that they haven't told snagajob anything about it.
1. Snagajob sent me a job alert regarding Petco. I called Petco and asked them about it and they had no clue.
2. Snagajob sent me a job alert in a KFC in Compton.

3. Sign up for snagajob and expect to get at least 10 useless job alerts per week in your email.
by Josesotes December 14, 2011
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A slur for illegal immigrants who take jobs from hard working citizens. Also pertains to foreigners who acquire work through shady outsourcing deals.
"Ted, I thought you were supposed to be working outside of Home Depot today"
"I would have if all those snag-a-jobs hadn't gotten all of the deck building gigs first"
by rumpleforeskin69 May 18, 2010
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